About Newscloud.io

Newscloud.io Real Time News ReSearch Engine.

What does Newscloud.io do?

  • Newscloud processes +200,000 news stories and blog posts a day
  • We check more than 140,000 sites hourly (this list is growing by 5,000 a week)
  • We use machine learning to generate a summary for each story
  • Tag each story with up to 5 million topics, people, places, things, events or concepts
  • Determines the sentiment for the story
  • You can easily and quickly hashtag and share any articles you find via a Twitter schedule (we made it super easy to find and share 100s of articles in 5-10 minutes).
  • All of the 140,000 sites in our index (FYI Google news only has ~25000) have been recommended by trusted people and put through a spam and rubbish filter but we also developed a trust algorithm so that you know which sites are most highly trusted.

Why did we build Newscloud.io?

Newscloud started out as my machine learning sideproject. I have been fascinated by news aggregation for 10 years and trying to understand news algorithmically and how it propagates around the world.

I had a few attempts at building RSS feed readers over the years but turns out its a really hard problem to do this at scale and needs machine learning to do this properly.

I really liked Twitter but its impossible to track numerous topics at scale and its so noisy, its hard to discover new blogs or stories about your topics.

Both Google News & Feedly lack a way to discover new content or sites on specific topics. Linkedin is only as good as your network and tend to have opinion or expertise related articles and Facebook really sucks at topics and they only want to show sites if they get paid.

What now?

We have a few team members in Australia, Columbia, Vietnam, Pakistan and China and have self funded.

We plan to offer a premium model in the next few months most probably around pushing topic streams to Slack or FB Messenger or sharing via Buffer or Hootsuite, but for now we are very focused on keeping the crawlers running and making it super useful to you.

The only thing we want is feedback and suggestions as to features to make it more useful. Let us know if there is something you want us to build.

What's with the Monkey?

The monkey is called Harry, I ran a logo design competition and the smart looking Monkey face with the glasses reminded me of my two Nephews Hylton and Harry so I had to adopt it :)

We also have another trained Monkey called Dyson (like the cleaner), Dyson's job is to vacuum all your tweets up so we can use ML (Monkey Learning) to work out what topics you like and then build you a custom feed of stories that match the topics you are interested in.